Spain officially recognizes Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Spain has finally recognized Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) as a physical disease after a long process that had the Consensus Document on MCS submitted by the Ministry of Health at the end of 2011 as a turning point, which the Spanish MCS sufferers hoped that it lead to a happy ending.

MCS has finally been included on the Spanish ICD-9 under the code 955.3: "Allergy, not otherwise specified". So Spain finally joins other countries that had also recognized MCS as a physical disease as Germany, Austria or Japan.

No Fun wants to thank and congratulate all MCS sufferers, associations, doctors, lawyers, journalists and other people who have contributed during this long process. We hope that this official recognition leads to a better life for MCS sufferers that allow them to have a fast diagnosis and an appropriate medical care.

This is great news for all MCS sufferers and we hope it's not the last one!