We know they are lying to us - Anti-Toxic Manifesto

May 12, 2010
International Day of Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and MCS

They are lying to us. We know they are lying.

For the politicians, we are the black sheep in their controlled herd.

For the doctors who lie to us, we are the misbehaved guinea-pigs.

For the industry that lies to us, we are the non-profitable broken machines.

For the pharmaceutical companies, we are the pebble in their shoe.

The disease mongers lie to us.

Those who talk of progress with one hand on their wallet, lie to us.

But we do not believe their toxic lies.

Although they want to make us invisible, lock us up in an illness and throw away the key, poison us and shut our mouths, kill us and then plant fake flowers on our tombs, they will not be able to lock us up, shut us up, nor make us disappear.

We are out of patience and we are not good patients. We do not justify ourselves nor do we explain ourselves.

If you suffer with Fibromyalgia, survive with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, if you are agonizing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, you should know that you are at war. Their lies do not scare us, they are the ammunition in this war that has merely started.

If you believe that you are healthy, choose your side: get sick with them or live with us.

Now is our moment: we name, we decide, we define.

We do not believe their toxic lies.

We know they are lying.

Clara Valverde & Eva Caballé