SCREAMING FROM THE SILENCE - Article published in DELIRIO in English


When you don’t like something, when something bothers you, if there is something that remembers your mistakes, it’s easy not to deal with it, let it for another day, put it in a corner, wrapped by a thick silence. This happens to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) sufferers. They want us that way, in silence, in order not to annoy, in order not to alert, so nobody realizes that the precipice it’s every day a little bit closer and we all will fall: we, our children, our grandchildren…

We feed international economy with our health, our future and the future of those who haven’t even born. It is the same society who lets us get sick, exposing us gratuitously to toxic products, then it abandons us to our fate and silences us to no one knows the truth.

Wherever can we break this spiral? It’s necessary that someone gives us a chance to leave this silence where they force us to live.

Delirio opened me a door whereby scream, with all my forces, that we are here, that we have MCS because the present way of living is getting us sick. It opened me a door whereby scream that they are not going to silence us and above all, that this is only the beginning and it’s necessary to act right now.

Delirio helped us to break the silence publishing “The Naked Truth about MCS” in the edition dedicated to nude. Delirio undressed me, both inside and out, in order to denounce our hard reality.

Unexpectedly this article has gotten so far that has been translated and published in 9 different languages, and has been published in several countries all around the world. And some of these countries have included forewords explaining their own situation, like Germany or Norway.

The one that was initially my shout from the silence, has turned into the patients' unanimous shout of the whole world denouncing that the MCS exists, that we are left, but that nobody will manage to silence us.

Thanks Deliro for being our loudspeaker!